3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Data Entry Outsourcing

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Data entry: unless you’re a robot, it can be tedious, mind-numbing, and confusing. But believe it or not, there are some people who not only thrive on the repetitive nature of data entry, but they actually enjoy it.

Studies show that people who are fulfilled in their jobs also complete their job duties much faster than others. This means quicker, more accurate data entry. But what if no one at your company likes data entry?

Outsourcing might be the answer. Read on for 3 reasons you should consider data entry outsourcing.

Benefit #1: Data Entry Outsourcing Means Accuracy

Garbage in means garbage out. This means that if the data you’re working with is inaccurate (think transposed numbers or extra zeroes) then your analysis of the data will be wrong, too.

When you outsource data entry to a company or team that works often with data, you’re handing it over to the pros. Data entry companies such as Ardem Data Entry Services are proficient at compiling and indexing large data files, as well as preparing data for export to desired file locations, including cloud-based dropboxes.

Outsourcing data entry to competent, talented data entry pros means reduced error rates and easier-to-view data sources, giving you comfort that the numbers you’re analyzing are accurate.

Benefit #2: Don’t Overlook the Time Savings

Time is money, right? There’s no reason to pay an employee to enter data when he or she can spend that time on more value-added projects, like strategic visions or budgeting forecasts.

Besides, people who don’t enjoy working with data tend to be very slow at data entry. Said another way, it’s not their comparative advantage. And when your employees take twice as long as a data entry service would take, this is an unfortunate hit to your operational costs.

Outsource the task to the right people, who will have the data entry complete long before your employees (who are swamped with other competing tasks!)

Benefit #3: Tech Savings is Key

Gone are the days when all data entry is done by Excel.

But wait. Did you just gasp? Yes, that’s right: there are faster, better programs for data entry these days, but why spend money on expensive software when a data outsourcing company already has the technology in place?

New tech offerings for data entry include software like Nuance Omnipage, which supports a variety of languages, batch processing, and export features. Another popular option is Presto PageManager, which can read data on scanned documents and convert to digital tables.

But the countless cool systems mean nothing if you don’t buy, install, and use them. Most data outsourcing companies already have these cool programs available, so it’s yet another benefit to passing on the data entry task.

Don’t Wait Another Day

We’ve outlined three key reasons to consider data entry outsourcing for your business. Why waste another data entering your own data? You’re losing time and money.

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