0Spam Tutorial – Free Spam Filtering Service

Five Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Register to create your 0Spam.com account.
  2. Login your 0Spam.com account.
  3. Add Your E-mail Accounts that you want 0Spam.com to remove spam from.
  4. Install 0Spam.com Express or POPSpam (for advanced users, and non-Windows users).
  5. Add Your Friends to Your Whitelists. See below for more information about this step.

*Note: We are currently no longer supporting updates for our free spam filtering service. Please see our recommendations for comprehensive online security from top names like Norton Security (get coupons).

Optional Whitelist and Blocklist Steps:

1. Import friendly E-mail addresses to your whitelist. This is not required, but recommended to save all your friends the trouble of verifying their E-mails. To add your address book to your whitelist, you may upload it using the “Import Address book” tool on the whitelisting page. The address book must be in a CSV (Comma-Separated Variable) format. You can also copy and paste in addresses, one address per line.

2. Add domains to your domain whitelist. This is also not required, but makes it easier in certain cases. For example, if you own mydomain.com and you and your friends have E-mail accounts there, you can whitelist mydomain.com so that anyone from this domain can E-mail you without receiving a verification E-mail.

3. Add keywords or phrases to the keyword whitelist. This box is also located on the whitelist page of the admin section, simply enter here any word or phrase that you do not want 0Spam.com to mark as spam. This may include, your name, a newsletter name, your address, an alias, or anything else that is not included in most or all spam. This great feature is a solution to automatically accepting many newsletters or mailing list E-mails that you are a member of.

4. Block certain E-mail addresses or domains. The blocklist takes precedence over all whitelist rules. If an E-mail in your blocklist matches the sender’s E-mail, then the mail will be deleted without you ever seeing it. You may also enter in here names, or parts of E-mail addresses, such as “postmaster” or “Mailer-Daemon” if you do not want to receive bounce back mails, or @aol.com to block all E-mail from AOL.

Adding your E-mail Account

Once you have created your 0Spam.com account, the first thing you must do is add your E-mail accounts to your 0Spam.com account. All you need is your username, password, and pop server. You can get this information from your ISP or from your E-mail client. The screen shot below shows how to get this information from Outlook Express.

Note to Yahoo and Hotmail users: 0Spam.com is compatible with both Yahoo and Hotmail E-mail accounts. Enter your login information as you would for a POP account and use “Yahoo” for the E-mail server if you use Yahoo and “Hotmail” if you use Hotmail (see example below for Yahoo mail).

spam filter tutorial1

And from Eudora:

spam filter tutorial2

spam filter tutorial3

Add the POPSpam Account to Your E-mail Client

The POPSpam account simulates a connection between your E-mail client and the 0Spam.com service so that it checks and removes spam from all your E-mail accounts when your E-mail client connects to it. The basic idea of the POPSpam account is to have your E-mail client automatically connect to it just before it checks your real E-mail accounts protected by 0Spam.com.

To add it to your E-mail client, enter in 0Spam.com for the Incoming Mail Server, and your username and password of your 0Spam.com account. You must also change the Incoming Mail Server port to 1111. If asked for other information such as outgoing server or an E-mail address, you may enter in anything for those fields. You should also title this account something like 0Spam.com Account so that it will be checked first. Some E-mail clients may check E-mail accounts in reverse alphabetical order, hence you may want to name your 0Spam.com account such as “ZSpam” or “zspam”. See screen shots below for configuring Outlook Express.

For Outlook Express

antivirus spam filter tutorial

0spam tutorial no spam antivirus

0spam tutorial

For Entourage:

Setting up POPSpam for Entourage is similar to setting it up for Outlook Express. First launch Entourage, then select the Tools menu, then click on Accounts. Then press the New button. Make the account name 0Spam.com, and enter in your 0Spam.com username for the Account ID, for the POP Server enter 0Spam.com, and enter your 0Spam.com password for the Password. You may enter in anything else for the other information asked.

entourage email security

When your account is created, highlight it, and click Edit to open the preferences for the account. Then click Click here for advanced receiving options. A box will appear. Change the Override default POP port to 1111.

Also, you should uncheck the box Send commands to server simultaneously, which is located for the account properties.

Setting up your POPSpam account for Eudora is a bit more complicated. You must create a second “Personality” to get it working. For instructions, on setting up another Eudora Personality, click here.

Importing Your Address Book

For Outlook Express:

Importing your E-mail address book is probably the most difficult thing you need to do to get started using our service. First open your address book. You can do this by going to Start, Programs, Accessories, Address Book or by clicking your address book icon on MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or what ever E-mail client program you use. Once in the address book, go to File, Export, Other Address Book…

outlook express mail security