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Languages – Verification Messages

Verification Message Translations

The following translated verification messages have been kindly donated by our users. Please E-mail us to add your language or to make a correction to an existing language.

*Please note that we are no longer updating, or providing support for our 0spam.com free spam filtering service.

English – default language.


A message you recently sent to a 0Spam.com user with the subject “Test” was not delivered because they are using the 0Spam.com anti-spam service. Please click the link below to confirm that this is not spam. When you confirm, this message and all future messages you send will automatically be accepted.


This is an automated message from 0Spam.com.
Please do not reply to this Email.

Looking for a free anti-spam service?
Visit us at http://www.0spam.com/ for find out more.9

Danish – sent to .dk domains.

Du sendte fornylig en email til mig med emnet “Test”. Den er ikke kommet igennem til mig, da jeg bruger 0spam.com anti-spam systemet for at undgå spam. Meddelelser til mig kommer kun igennem fra afsendere, som jeg har godkendt. Hvis du klikker på linket nedenfor, vil du blive accepteret som legitim afsender, og din mail samt alle fremtidige mails, vil blive accepteret og komme igennem til mig. Jeg undskylder ulejligheden, men er sikker på, at du forstår nødvendigheden af anti-spam tiltag.


Dette er en automatisk meddelelse fra 0Spam.com.
Svar ikke på denne email.

Er du på udkig efter en gratis anti-spam service?
Klik ind på http://www.0spam.com/ for mere information.

Portuguese – sent to .br and .pt domains.

A mensagem com o assunto “Test” que você enviou recentemente não foi entregue porque o usuário está usando o serviço anti-spam 0spam.com. Por favor, clique no endereço abaixo para confirmar que a mensagem não é um spam. Assim que você confirmar, esta, e todas suas futuras mensagens serão automaticamente aceitas.


Essa é uma mensagem automática do 0spam.com.
Por favor, não responda a este e-mail.

Procurando um serviço anti-spam?
Visite-nos no site http://www.0spam.com/ para conhecer mais.

0Spam Express: Free Anti-Spam, Spam-Blocking Service

0Spam.com Express: Free Anti-Spam eMail Filter

What is 0Spam.com Express?

0spam express free spam filter0Spam.com Express is a nice anti-spam tool of your E-mail account. This nifty little program automatically removes spam from your inbox right before you check your E-mail, it can display a detailed spam report after each scan including why each message was marked as spam, and it resides on your Task Bar for easy access.

  • Connects to your 0Spam.com account to remove spam right before you check your mail
  • Compatible with all Windows based E-mail clients such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Eudora
  • Automates new 0Spam.com account creation, signup in just three easy steps.
  • Works silently in background only when your E-mail client is running
  • This software is 100% free!

Download Now!
(Not currently available)

You may download 0Spam.com Express, 1 MB, for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.

Security & AntiVirus Protection

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