GoDaddy .NET Coupon: 30% Off New Dot-Net Domain Registrations

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godaddy logoCoupon for .NET domains from GoDaddy – While it always lives in it’s big brother dot com’s shadow, the .Net domain suffix is hugely popular; still the second most registered domain in America. Always a good choice for entrepreneurs, you can register .Net domains at GoDaddy, and get a discount using the coupon below:

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Way back in 1985 while I was rooting for Jim McMahon in the Superbowl, the .net and .org domain extensions were being developed. The .NET name is short for “network,” and was intended for organizations associated with network technologies, internet service providers, and infrastructure. They never ended up imposing those restrictions, so .NET became popular as one of the original top-level domains.

Why Should You consider registering a .NET domain? Here are 5 reasons:

  • dot net eli manningSecond best is still a winner! I like to think of .NET as the Eli Manning of the domain world. You’re always going to know that Peyton (a .com domain) is better, but Eli is pretty darn talented too!
  • .Net Recognition – Every once in a while, I see news that more domain extensions are being released. Whether it’s .biz, or something crazy like .jobs or .discounts, (maybe “.hasselhoff” will be released next?) I’ve never strayed from sticking with the top-level, globally recognized domains like .net.
  • .Net’s are often available – It’s like a joke sometimes looking for a good domain. If you’re opening a store selling cookies in New Jersey, why does some Indian guy own your perfect domain name? The truth is that companies like GoDaddy have made it really cheap (too cheap!) to buy a domain name, so people hoard them like eggs and milk before a hurricane.
  • .Net for SEO – As I mentioned, I stick with the popular top level domains. Not only will you never get a puzzled look from someone when you explain that you have a “.global” domain, but you’ll probably do better in search results with a popular domain extension like “.NET.” If you don’t believe me, try doing a Google search for something, and see how many obscure domain extentions come up; not any that I can see!
  • .NET doesn’t imply “company” – Dot-coms always imply that those sites are a company, in my opinion. I don’t think that dot-nets have that security / spam issue, as “.NET” really just means that you’re on the net. It also works perfectly with your SSL certificate

A number of large companies and sites have chosen .NET including Comcast, Verizon as well as little niche GoDaddy wordpress hosted sites. Those companies were among the companies back in the 80’s working on network infrastructure and they proudly have held on to their .NET extensions to this day. Personally I have a few “.NET’s” and they are better domains than I could have gotten if I had insisted on finding a dot com.

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GoDaddy always has a number of coupons available that pertain to .NET domains. Whether they are exclusively for .Net’s, or work for any domain registration, you’ll get a great price when you enter a promo code at checkout for GoDaddy. In fact, you can register new domains for as low as $1.99 with a coupon! (Sorry, doesn’t work with domain renewals!)

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