0Spam Express: Free Anti-Spam, Spam-Blocking Service

0Spam.com Express: Free Anti-Spam eMail Filter

What is 0Spam.com Express?

0spam express free spam filter0Spam.com Express is a nice anti-spam tool of your E-mail account. This nifty little program automatically removes spam from your inbox right before you check your E-mail, it can display a detailed spam report after each scan including why each message was marked as spam, and it resides on your Task Bar for easy access.

  • Connects to your 0Spam.com account to remove spam right before you check your mail
  • Compatible with all Windows based E-mail clients such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Eudora
  • Automates new 0Spam.com account creation, signup in just three easy steps.
  • Works silently in background only when your E-mail client is running
  • This software is 100% free!

Download Now!
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You may download 0Spam.com Express, 1 MB, for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.

Security & AntiVirus Protection

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