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A safe way to get rid of spam e-mails

Features – October 20, 2003

Lim Tri Santosa, Contributor, Bandung

Back when I first got online in 1995, I used to go around entering my e-mail address everywhere, such as in guest books, contests, and message boards.

And since I’m still using the same address now (of course, we get to keep it forever and ever), I get a ton of spam from all my email address sending in the early days. That spam is probably the biggest concern to businesses, if only for the cost implications, then it is no surprise that the security industry is still busy developing solutions.

About three years ago, I wrote two articles on how to fight spam by peeking at our POP e-mail account server and deleting the unwanted e-mails. Other columnists also suggested using spam blocking software, including e-mail bouncing software.

Yes, it is true if the numbers are still under 50 emails (though you are wasting your time), otherwise it is something like “flaming in the hell-fire” until you’ve got bewildered by a long list of emails containing subjects and senders which ones must be deleted.

I personally recommend not using e-mail bouncing software, since it uses the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Most spammers use a fake e-mail address, so it is useless to take revenge.

One disadvantage of spam blocking software is that it sometimes deletes the good e-mails without being able to un-delete it from your incoming e-mail server. Of course you can set to leave all messages on server for a specified number of days, but what the big deal is. They will only be clogging the quota of your incoming e-mail account.

Some of you disagree with me on this, but I’m not moved by majority approval on the subject. Testing spam blockers is clearly the most difficult problem I have ever encountered, even for my own e-mail address.

There are many measures of a spam-blocking product, but probably the most important one is the number of “false” positives it generates.

False positives are non-spam e-mails that the product mistakenly classifies as spam. They represent the most important failure of a product because the more of them there are, the less you can trust the spam blocking.

But testing products for their false positives is difficult. You don’t really know if you have false positives or how many there are unless you go through the blocked mail and count the ones that shouldn’t have been blocked.

Alas, again you are wasting your Internet connection time and the bandwidth.

I’ve tried many tests that simply took a lot of work, but this one’s over the top as a useful free aid. Eventually I come to a free and virtually effective anti-spam service which, is designed for POP email accounts and also Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

Unlike other anti-spam services that use filters that don’t filter out all the spam and even filter out non-spam, 0Spam uses a whitelisting technique that safely removes spam from one or more inboxes. 0Spam is not a software program, nothing to download or install, and there is no need to change the way your email accounts are currently setup.

Once you have joined 0Spam and configured your email accounts, nothing more is required on your part, no forwarding spam to us, no marking messages as spam, etc. Just sit back and read your clean, spam-free email.

I don’t suggest this technique for frequent-checking email users who most of the time are connected to the Internet and check their email account. If you receive 300 spam messages a day, the chances of you getting one spam e-mail each time you check your email per five minutes is 50 percent (1440 minutes a day for 300 spam messages is about one spam messages per 4.8 minutes).

But if you check your email twice a day under the same conditions, there is still a 50 percent chance of getting one spam message a day for a specified time. Confused? logs into your email account every few minutes and removes spam. If a spam mail is received after checks for spam and before you log in to your mail, you may receive one or more spam messages, depending on how often spam is sent to you. 0Spam service however is dedicated to constantly scanning your email account and removing spam.

0Spam is a challenge-response system; the system intercepts e-mail from unknown correspondents and makes them prove that they’re humans and not spammers.

Contrary to other anti-spam services, assumes all emails to be spam unless determined otherwise by a series of user-defined and automatically generated whitelists. If a message passes any one of the whitelist rules, it is allowed to remain in the user’s e-mail account server.

Unauthorized messages require the sender to verify their e-mail address only once to show that their message was not spam. You don’t need to make a blocklist of spam e-mail addresses every time you’ve got spam.

Imagine this scenario: I’m on a mail list with, say, 1000 people on it. If a legitimate user sends out mail to the list, every member is going to be deluged with challenges to deliver email to your inbox. Wrong! It is easily solved by simply whitelisting certain words or phrases in a message, which supports.

If the mailing list has a name like “In this edition of the XYZ mailing list … ” in each of the e-mails, you can just whitelist with the phrase “XYZ mailing list”. This great feature is a solution to automatically accepting many newsletters or mailing list e-mails that you are a member of.

Do not use common words or phrases, otherwise all e-mails will be delivered to your inbox.

Will I be able to view my deleted messages, which have been marked as spam and retrieve them if necessary? Yes, when you log into your account, you will see a link at the top “View Deleted Messages.” This page lists all the deleted messages, which you can undelete and send back to your e-mail address, or permanently delete them by selecting which messages you want to delete and pressing the “Delete Selected Messages” button.

Old messages more than 14 days old are automatically deleted. If you undelete a specified e-mail address, then it will be in the whitelist. The sender no needs to verify their e-mail anymore.

One thing about e-mail: it is something that you can spend time by reading them, not deleting them.

Within a few minutes of signing up for, you are able to use your previously abandoned e-mail addresses once again. Your e-mail address will not change and there is no need to sign up for another e-mail account.

By the way, folks, are you still having “hardening agent” in your e-mail inbox? You’d be better watch out!

List of Domains That Offer Freemail Accounts

List of domains that provide free email accounts

Thought it was just Yahoo, Hotmail, and GMail that provide free E-mail accounts? Below is a list of 1634 domains that provide or provided in the past free E-mail addresses. Using this list may help software developers fight spam.
table of free mail providers used in spam

Press Releases Press Releases


Extreme Spam Filtering – When Filters and Blocklists Are Not Enough.

Protect Multiple POP, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or IMAP E-mail Accounts from Spammers with Compatible with all E-mail clients and operating systems.

February, 2005 –, a free anti-spam service, announces its new wave of features, tools, downloads, translations, and other major service improvements. By providing a smart and efficient anti-spam solution simple enough for home users and powerful enough for business users, has grown its user base in the past 18 months to include thousands of satisfied users who are spared from millions of spams each month. uses a CAPTCHA as a test to determine spam messages apart from legitimate E-mail. All mail is assumed spam unless determined otherwise by a series of user-defined whitelists, various global whitelist filters, and IP address checks. Messages that pass any of the whitelists are allowed to remain in the user’s inbox. Unauthorized messages require the sender to verify their E-mail address only once to show that their message is legitimate. Many users claim a 100% spam blocking accuracy rate.

Major features added since August 2003 include support for Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and IMAP accounts; support for blind users; a whitelist specially designed for mailing lists and newsletters; homepage translations into Dutch, Spanish, and French; a virtual mail server which removes spam seconds before the user checks their E-mail; the ability for users to check their E-mail and view their Junk Mail folder at the same time, and more than twenty verification translations are now available including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Estonian. Express, a downloadable add-on for Windows, makes it easy for new users to setup their account by automatically importing their E-mail account settings and address book into the interface. Once installed, Express sleeps in the Task Bar and intercepts spam between the user’s mail server and inbox, before the E-mail client has a chance to download it.

Users may now take advantage of a new feature called Smart Language Detection which tells the software to detect which language an E-mail was written in and sends back a verification message in the appropriate language. This is a key feature of the service which has worked hard to make sure works properly. Planned upcoming features include a multi-dimensional DNS blocklist spam detection method and a smart mailing list detection algorithm.

In December 2003 has been accredited by the blind community to be the first anti-spam service that allows blind users to “see” the CAPTCHA number, used by many online services as a way of separating humans from computers or spammers. Here is how it works: the blind user is sent a verification message instructing them to visit the URL containing the image with distorted numbers. On that page there is an invisible hyperlink that only blind people can read with a screen reading program. The user clicks the link, enters their E-mail address, and the verification code is sent to them, which they can then enter into the first page containing the distorted image. Thanks to Grant Hardy of ACB Radio, for contributing his 28 minute review of and how blind users can see the distorted verification code and protect their E-mail accounts from spam.

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Defend Your E-mail Account from Spammers With; Many Users Claim 100% Accuracy

October, 2003 –, a free anti-spam service dedicated to eliminating spam from your inbox is announcing the availability of it’s service at after initial tests have been successfully completed. With the increasing number of spam messages received in recent months, it is not uncommon for someone’s E-mail account to be hit with 500 or more spams each day, which makes all the more useful.

Contrary to other anti-spam services, assumes all mail to be spam unless determined otherwise by a series of user-defined and automatically generated whitelists. If a message passes any one of the whitelist rules, it is allowed to remain in the user’s inbox. Unauthorized messages require the sender to verify their E-mail address only once to show that their message was not spam. Many of our beta testers have reported to us that our service was nearly 100% accurate in spam detection.

One major advantage of our server-based system is that since no software is required to download or install, is compatible with any operating system that supports a web interface, any E-mail client, and any POP based E-mail account (POP means Post Office Protocol, the most common method of accessing E-mail). Not only does the user keep their same E-mail address, but they will also continue to check their E-mail the same way they always do using the E-mail client of their choice. Hence, they may keep all the same E-mail filters and rules in their E-mail client if they wish.

One typical problem of E-mail verification systems is that they often block newsletters, confirmation E-mails, and other automated E-mails where there is no human sender to verify that the message is not spam. Our solution to this problem is the “keyword whitelist” feature which allows the user to whitelist words or phrases in a message, such as their last name, address, or the names of newsletters that they belong to, which are not found in spam mails. In case one of these non-spam mails are deleted and marked as spam, the user can always log in to their account and read or undelete the message.

Once an E-mail account is registered and configured with, the entire system is fully automatic, no more work is required on the user’s part. An easy-to-understand tutorial with screen shots is provided to help users setup their E-mail accounts with our service. intends to keep the service free and eventually charge a small fee of 10 € ($11 USD) per year only to users who want additional storage space or extra features for their account. For more information regarding, please visit our website at

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User Testimonials and Comments About

To send us your comments, please E-mail us

Comment #1 – “It is simple and easy to use”

The email address of my company appears on our website and we had been getting an increasing number of spam email messages. I spent more than a full day looking at the various options available on the market to block spam, I even considered changing our email address, but then I found 0spam and was amazed to see that it offered all the features I was looking for entirely free of charge.

After much research, I had come to the conclusion that a challenge-response system was the only thing that would work for us, but I wanted to find something that would allow me to keep using our current email address and existing email client (we have been using Outlook Express). Most options available out there don’t, unless you are prepared to pay a hefty sum.

Well, does all this, plus it works with my personal Hotmail and Yahoo accounts as well. It is simple and easy to use, but most importantly, it works. Once large numbers of people start filtering their emails through, spammers will have no option left but to start looking for another line of work. It’s that powerful.

I am truly excited about and highly recommend it to everyone.

Comment #2 – “I really thank you for your service.”

Why should I use your service when my e-mail software has a good and quite efficient anti-junkmail filter? Because when I am out of office, or when I cannot reach my computer for several days, my mailbox will not be out of service since it is full of spam! will avoid this stupid situation. Real e-mails with real people behind them will always reach their destinations, and junkmail will be erased, giving my mailbox more disk spaces. This is very important, and I am sure that anybody can reach me, no e-mail will be lost.

I really thank you for your service.

Comment #3 – “your service is really efficient even after one day !”

I have just registered yesterday, and your service is really efficient even after one day ! May be too efficient because many mailing lists are put in the junkmail, so I have to check it regularly and save the address into the whitelist. Beside the first days of setting up the whitelist, I am sure it will be great.  The thing I love most is that nothing is loose. I always have the control to check what has been filtered and to correct that. Other services don’t give the choice.  I really thank you for your service.

Comment #4 – Your service is absolutely incredible.”

Your service is absolutely incredible. Not only is there plenty of power under the hood, but it is so easy to use. I have been totally blind since birth and use screen reading technology to access my computer and your site works flawlessly. I am going to recommend it to all of my blind friends and I intend to donate some money to your service after the holidays when I have a little spare cash. I imagine at some point down the road, (As with all useful Internet services), you will eventually need to charge for the use of this service. From what I have seen so far I think I can say with a great deal of certainty that I would be one of your first customers.

Comment #5 – “nothing has been as effective as this”

I just wanted to drop a short note to say how much I appreciate this service! I signed up about a week ago, and in that time I’ve seen the amount of spam I receive drop from around 30 to 40 a day to maybe three or four, and that’s dropping as I edit my block lists. I’ve tried spam removal programs and other online sources, but nothing has been as effective as this. Finally, I’d like to add my thanks as another blind 0spam user for your willingness to make accomodations for the verification links. I personally have chosen to manually verify all addresses so that people don’t have to worry about it, but it’s nice to know that web site developers are trying to make a difference. Thanks much!

Comment #6 – “fantastic service”

I love, it is so methodical in its removal of all unwanted messages. Furthermore, the new changes make you service much more user friendly.  All in all I am very impressed with this service, its best point being that it’s not a background program in my system tray chewing up my memory 🙂 Thanks a lot for this fantastic service.

Comment #7 – a superb tool”

What a superb tool! I was getting over 100 spam messages a day in my account and was on the verge of changin address when I found your site. Now I find only 1 or 2 spams per day slip through your net. I have recovered my email address from the pits of despair.

Thanks a lot

Note: Some comments have been edited to remove questions about the service.

News – Spam Filtering Software News

  • [10 July 2008] – Substantial changes to mail agent configuration made that should substantially improve website performance
  • [08 July 2008] – Changes to mail agent configuration made that should improve website performance (didn’t work)
  • [08 July 2008] – New system monitoring script introduced to ensure that the web interface is consistently accessible
  • [05 July 2008] – Database capacity increased substantially, error 136 should be gone
  • [04 June 2008] – Sorting now available for white lists and block lists! Please inform us if this introduces any new issues.
  • [04 June 2008] – Paypal support introduced! Now you can upgrade your account via either or
  • [04 June 2008] – Undeleted issue should be fixed for users that were unable to undelete messages previously.[02 June 2008] – Mail Agent Settings modified to more effectively handle heavy loads during peak usage hours, performance should be substantially better than before.
  • [20 May 2008] – Temporary System Maintenance at 8:45 GMT… This change should fix database issues in the future.
  • [20 May 2008] – Daily reports issue should be fixed for users that were unable to receive daily reports previously.
  • [9 April 2008] – Improvements made to contact form inside account
  • [26 March 2008] – Improvements made to PopSpam for Yahoo mail and GMail users – it should work for all Yahoo users now.
  • [10 November 2007] – Translation submission form added to the bottom of all pages, lots of minor problems fixed.
  • [09 November 2007] – Made the user interface easier to use, improved account settings form, made header and footer consistent inside account.
  • [02 November 2007] – Automated upgrade process for convenience of users.
  • [20 October 2007] – New, user-friendly web interface is comming soon, Hotmail support is currently being re-implemented, (this will be announced when it is finished) and a form for submitting translations in other languages will be added soon.
  • [12 October 2007] – Clarified Frequently Asked Questions. Additional staff hired to provide more effective customer support, and to implement more features.
  • [8 October 2007] – Upgraded database to improve reliability.
  • [3 September 2005] – Norwegian added to verification languages. Likely non-spam messages in JunkMail folder are now highlighted in green.
  • [11 August 2007] – Our Spam filter works with both Carbonite online backup (get coupon) and Norton AntiVirus (get coupon)
  • [22 June 2005] – Simplified Chinese added to verification languages.
  • [10 June 2005] – is featured in an excellent PC Magazine online article by editor Neil J. Rubenking.
  • [26 January 2005] – Estonian and Bulgarian added to verification languages.
  • [7 January 2005] –’s Heinz Tschabitscher publishes his Review.
  • [2 January 2005] – Global whitelist feature added for verified E-mail senders. This is an automatic built-in feature.
  • [16 November 2004] – Express for Windows is released.
  • [13 October 2004] – Major hardware and software upgrades. IMAP now supported. POPSpam now compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • [12 October 2004] – Support for GMail added. The IP Blacklist Project in development.
  • [2 September 2004] – Japanese and Indonesian languages added.
  • [19 August 2004] – Search feature for JunkMail Folder added, second backup server for re-undeleting messages, and auto-login added.
  • [17 August 2004] – Anti-virus software installed today, automatically blocks current and future viruses by around 98%.
  • [13 August 2004] – Grant Hardy does a 28 minute review and audio tutorial of for ACB Radio.
  • [5 August 2004] – New virus and worm blocking module will be added shortly, will detect around 99% of current and new viruses.
  • [19 June 2004] – The publishes a list of 1633 Free E-mail Services, which may help software developers fight spam.
  • [12 June 2004] – The 50 Latest Spams Caught Today page is added.
  • [2 June 2004] – Chinese, Slovak, and Catalan verification translations added. Spammers are attempting to bypass anti spam services like
  • [14 May 2004] – Polish and Romanian languages added, daily spam reporting feature added.
  • [11 April 2004] – Fixed issue with Yahoo, Hotmail that marked scanned mails as read, many minor issues fixed as well.
  • [8 April 2004] – Customizable verification messages, catch-all account feature for Professional accounts, and French homepage translation added.
  • [6 March 2004] – POPSpam now compatible with Yahoo and Hotmail.
  • [1 March 2004] – Forums added, Finnish language added.
  • [23 January 2004] – Language support for Russian added.
  • [5 January 2004] – The simulated POP server called POPSpam is added which will greatly improve service.
  • [2 January 2004] – The Dutch language added for verification mails.
  • [1 January 2004] –, a technology information site from India lists
  • [18 December 2003] – Support for blind users added.
  • [8 December 2003] – Language support for Turkish added.
  • [24 November 2003] – Language support for Serbian added, Smart Language Detection fully implemented.
  • [11 November 2003] – French, German, and Italian language support added.
  • [4 November 2003] – New minor features added: account editing and option to turn off verification messages and use only filters.
  • [31 October 2003] – Support for other languages (Portuguese, Danish, Swedish) added for verification E-mails. Other submissions are welcome.
  • [22 October 2003] – recently received an excellent review in the Jakarta Post, an Indonesian newspaper.
  • [30 September 2003] – Support for Hotmail E-mail accounts added.
  • [20 September 2003] – Support for Yahoo E-mail accounts added.
  • [31 August 2003] – “Smart Whitelisting” feature added.
  • [30 August 2003] – Users may now select the number of days a sender has to verify their mail before it is deleted.
  • [24 August 2003] – New feature added: the re-undelete feature allows messages to be undeleted to any E-mail address multiple times.
  • [30 July 2003] – New feature added: keyword/phrase blocklist, added by request.
  • [28 July 2003] – Press release for has been posted.
  • [27 July 2003] – The tutorial has been updated with more details for fine-tuning your account.
  • [25 July 2003] – New compression method will be implemented over the weekend, will result in more storage space per account.
  • [23 July 2003] – 128-bit security certificate added today, allows for secure logins and secure viewing of deleted mail on the admin page.
  • [5 July 2003] – Keyword Whitelisting added which allows users to whitelist mail if it contains specific keywords or phases anywhere in the mail.