Carbonite Server Backup: $100+ Off Coupon for Business

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carbonite logo squareServer Backup for your business from Carbonite: Losing access tp data for even a few hours is a potential nightmare scenario for any size business. Consider secure cloud server backup from Carbonite, and get up to a $300 discount with the coupon below:

Carbonite Server Backup Cost for Your Small Business?

Built for small businesses, Carbonite server backup provides comprehensive hybrid (cloud + local) backups ensuring that your data is safe.

carbonite server business backup coupon

Carbonite Compatibility: Server Backup Supports Business Windows Servers & Databases

Carbonite supports the following servers:

  • Windows file system
  • Windows system state servers
  • Exchange servers
  • Hyper-V server backup

Hot backups of live business applications & databases including SQL:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • SQL Server (sequel server)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle database / servers

This ensures that your servers stay online and your business experiences no interruptions

carbonite server backup coupon

Automatic Carbonite Hybrid Server Backup for Small Businesses

With this feature, you can backup to the secure cloud, and / or to local storage. The hybrid backup approach combines the security of cloud backup with the speed and convenience of local backup.

Quickly recover from a local backup, while ensuring the data is secure in the cloud. You can easily customize the times you’d like your server backed up so that it works with your small business needs. (Usually at off-peak times)

carbonite server backup hybrid

Carbonite Sever Backup Essentials Promotion: $100 Off – No Offer Codes Needed!

All server backup plans include protection of:

  • physical and virtual servers
  • databases and live applications
  • Hyper-V environments
  • NAS & EHD Devices
  • Desktop computers
  • Reasonable Cost for small business

Check out their current promotion for businesses for the best price!

No need to enter an offer code at checkout, just click our link to apply the discount.

Carbonite Server Advanced: $200 Off w/ Coupon

Advanced server backup includes 500 GB backup space and adds image and bare metal recovery (BMR). You can also remotely deploy and manage PCs under this plan.

Carbonite Server Pro Bundle: $300 Off w/ Offer Code

Get unlimited server backup under one subscription. Here are some highlights of the Pro Bundle

  • Includes 500 GB backup space
  • Advance bandwidth management
  • Enterprise level security: Add your own private encription key for ultimate security
  • Backs up all servers, databases, and workstations
  • You can always add more storage space
  • No server license fees

Carbonite Vs. Crashplan

Carbonite’s biggest rival might be crashplan, and it’s worth taking a few minutes to read reviews to see which one is right for you.

Keep in mind that the number one concern with Crashplan is that it’s java-based, which could be a security issue, especially for Mac users. Carbonite vs Crashplan

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