What Is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business?

web hosting small business

Businesses are increasingly relying on the internet to take full advantage of consumer’s $60,000+ per year annual expenditures. To that end, more than 1.9 billion websites are online right now all battling for user’s attention.

If your business has a website or is in the process of building one, it’s important that your site functions flawlessly in order to not alienate consumers who have a virtually unlimited amount of options in who they do business with.

One of the most important aspects of your website functioning well is the web host you choose to do business with.

A web host is a company that houses your website online. So, when customers go to your web address, they’re actually going to your web host’s servers to access your content.

Below, we break down what to look for in the best web hosting for small business and share some specific host recommendations.

What to Look For in a Good Web Host

The first thing you need to understand when looking for the best web hosting for small business are what qualities make up a good web host. The following are important considerations you should keep in mind whenever judging a web host’s viability.

Price Hikes

Web hosts are notorious for offering you incredible upfront pricing when you sign your first contract with them and then gutting you when it comes time to renew.


Because migrating your website to a new host is a pain. You have to move files, databases, and more!

For that reason, you’ll want to be well aware of your renewal rate and make sure you’re willing to live with it when your contract term expires.

Ease of Migration

You won’t have a good relationship with every web host your do business with. The good news is that it’s typically possible to migrate your site off of their servers and move onto another service.

The bad news is that sometimes it’s not.

This is particularly true if you got lured into a web host with its website building software. Web hosts that offer you drag and drop website builders do so because their building software is proprietary and any site built with it needs to remain on its servers.

That means you’ll need to build a whole new site if you choose to leave later. Scaling your business around that reality would be extremely difficult.


Web hosts provide physical servers for your site to live on which internet users will then connect with to access your website. The speed at which those servers communicate information to internet users can have a profound effect on your online success.

eCommerce giant Big Commerce contends that a 1-second delay could cost a high-grossing business upwards of a million dollars per year.

For that reason, you’ll want to make sure that your host is known for its speed.


Servers need maintenance every now and then which means occasionally, your website will go down. Most web hosts are good at keeping maintenance time to a minimum and during hours of low traffic.

Because of that, good providers boast up-times of 99.9%.

Still, some web hosts have significantly lower up-times. You’ll want to understand what your host’s up-time is before jumping into a contract.

Customer Service

Unless your small business is made up of tech experts, you’ll want solid customer support to come with your best web hosting for small business provider. To get an idea of the amount of customer and technical support you can expect from your host, read people’s reviews online.

That should begin to help you get a picture of the quality of support you can expect during your contract.

You can also reach out to a web host’s customer support team before buying to see how good they are. While that’s not always a great indicator of service given that most hosts will put forward their best support for prospective customers, it can help you start forming an opinion.

Our Best Web Hosting for Small Business Recommendations

Now that you know the qualities that make up the best web hosting for small business providers, it’s time to share with you our top host picks.


A trusted web host that has WordPress built right into it! Check it out today.


One of the most popular names in web hosting for business and personal use. Learn more here.


Often referenced as a company that provides the best web hosting for small business services. Learn more on their website.


Popular among small entrepreneurs, BlueHost is recommended by the likes of millionaire Patt Flynn and offers robust hosting services. Find out more on BlueHost today.

Wrapping Up Best Web Hosting for Small Business

As a business owner, your online presence in today’s economy can make or break your success. To ensure your success get made, the first thing you’ll want to do is invest in a high-quality web host.

We recommend keeping in mind our qualities that make up the best web hosting for small business services when interviewing prospective hosts.

Or, if you want to cut right to the chase, any one of our web hosting recommendations we closed our article with should more than service all of your small business needs!

Happy hosting and best of luck to your business as it grows exponentially online!

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