7 Benefits of Using Outsourced IT Support for Your Business

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Business cyber attacks have now exceeded 4,000 per day. Does that make you nervous? It should!

If you own a small business, you may have some safeguards in place, but are they enough?

Cybercriminals and hackers are evolving and finding new ways to steal information each day. You have to remain on top of these threats or risk serious losses for your business.

While hiring a full-time IT department (or person, for that matter) may not be possible, there is another option. Consider using outsourced IT support services.

If this is something that has crossed your mind in the past, learn why it’s a smart move, here.

Here’s a little secret to peak your interest – these services offer much more than just protection from hacks and cybercriminals.

1. Control and Reduce Your Costs

When you decide to outsource your business’s IT needs, you can control your costs by paying the same monthly fee. As a result, you know what to expect each month.

The best part is, this is true, regardless of the number of times you need help or services. In addition to providing protection from cyber threats, these companies also offer other services, such as computer repair, disaster recovery, cloud services and more.

In the long run, using the services of a managed service provider – MSP – can help you save quite a bit. After all, a single call to a tech-pro can rack up hundreds of dollars or more. Multiply this by your entire workforce and you can see why a set monthly payment is more appealing.

2. Reduce Your Labor Costs

The process of hiring and then training an entire IT staff (or a single person) can be extremely expensive. While temporary employees are an option, they don’t always live up to expectations.

When you outsource your IT needs, you can focus your human resources where they are really needed.

3. Improved Security

If your company doesn’t work in the IT sector, then there’s a good chance that security mistakes, by you and your workers, are going to occur. These can put your sensitive information at risk.

In many situations, security breaches occur due to hackers who use a combination of black hat techniques and social engineering to steal your information. The good news is, experienced, professional IT companies will know how to deal with this situation.

They will know how the hackers work and are able to put safeguards in place to stop them.

4. Have Access to the Most Up-to-Date Technology

When you hire a qualified MSP, you always have world-class experience and knowledge available to your organization. Even better, you will have access to new technologies that you may not have even known about in the past.

The tools your MSP can bring include new processes and procedures, structured methodologies and documentation of what works. Also, these companies test all the engineers they hire and maintain their training to ensure they know what is going on.

This works to your benefit, providing you with access to the most skilled individuals in the industry, at an affordable rate.

5. Reduce Business Risks

Each business – regardless of size or industry – carries a certain level of risk. Technologies, financial conditions, government regulations, competition, and markets all change quickly.

When you outsource, the MSP will take on and manage most of this risk for you. They have a team of industry experts, especially in the realms of compliance and security. As a result, they are better qualified to figure out how to avoid risk in their specific areas of expertise.

6. Disaster Recovery Services

Regardless of if it was caused by a cyber-attack, flood or fire, the most precious resource you have is your business’s data. The majority of businesses aren’t properly equipped to successfully recover from these disasters. In some cases, they may even result in you having to permanently close the doors.

Even though disaster may strike at any minute, your business will recover faster if you have assistance from outside professionals. These individuals will be well-versed in disaster recovery, as well as the latest backup technologies.

7. Continual Monitoring of Your IT Environment

Even if you already have qualified and knowledgeable IT professionals on your staff, if your staff is minimal, then it isn’t reasonable to have the monitor your IT environment at all times.

With a qualified MSP, you have a team of professionals with the tools to do this. They can also foresee any potential issues with your IT environment and correct them before any downtime takes place.

What’s even better is that your service provider can offer advice regarding future upgrades to avoid additional downtime. They consider factors such as the age of your server and if you are using an operating system that’s obsolete.

The company hired is also available to handle daily issues. This includes software patches and updates, data backups, inventory auditing, anti-virus updates and more.

Outsourced IT Support: Is it Right for Your Business?

The answer to this question should be a resounding “yes.” It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, utilizing outsourced IT services just makes sense.

Remember, when you begin searching for the right IT professionals for your needs, they aren’t all created equal. Take some time to find a quality company that can meet your needs – regardless of how expansive they may be.

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