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What Is 0Spam Express? Express

What is Express? Express is the new favorite anti-spam tool of your E-mail account. This nifty little program automatically removes spam from your inbox right before you check your E-mail, it can display a detailed spam report after each scan including why each message was marked as spam, and it resides on your Task Bar for easy access.

Spam checking algorithms are automatically updated daily.
Compatible with all Windows based E-mail clients (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla, …)

Automates new account creation, signup in three easy steps.
Works silently in background only when your E-mail client is running.

This software is 100% free!

Download Now!
You may download Express, 1.69 MB, build #415, compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.



*We no longer support the 0spam free spam filtering service.

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IP Blacklist Project IP Blacklist Project

There are IP addresses in the IP Blacklist.

The IP Blacklist is a realtime database of known spammer DNS IP addresses and is maintained by a third-party using various spam traps and spam reporting services. Software developers and mail server administrators may configure their scripts or mail servers to automatically back-check if a suspected IP address is in our this database of known spammers. The script may be called in the following manner:

(Not available)

The script will then return a number between -1 and 7:
A score of -1 indicates that the IP was not found in the database.
A score of 0 indicates that there is a 90% chance that the computer at that IP address does not currently send spam.
A score of 1 or more indicates that the computer at that IP address has defiantly spammed in the past few weeks.
It is highly recommended that any mail server accepting mail from an IP with a score of more than 3 not accept the mail.

Common POP Servers

Most often-checked domains that are compatible with


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