Computer Warranties: Are They Worth It?

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Your computer is your lifeline. Without it, you can’t connect to friends and family through social media, or read news about any current events. You can’t even work without a computer since most people rely on Microsoft Office or email to do their jobs.

So why wouldn’t you want to protect it?

Computer warranties help secure you and your computer so that you won’t lose everything if something happens to it. By getting a computer warranty, you’re acknowledging how important your computer is to you. You’re taking vital steps towards protecting it since no computer is totally immune from harm.

Computers can catch viruses, or simply take a hard fall from being dropped. There are too many risks out there, and your computer is too important not to protect it. Keep reading below to learn why you should get a computer warranty for the single most important tool you have!

Any Computer Can Fail to Malware

The internet is a wild and dangerous place. What can appear as a normal and trustworthy website can actually host malicious code. And when you connect to it, that code may be injected into your system, giving hackers access to your whole system.

Once that happens, you need to prepare for the worst. Ransomware may try to take your system and information hostage unless you pay a large amount of money. Your system may just be outright corrupted and destroyed.

Yet, with a computer warranty, you will be able to explain your situation to a representative. Then, they will be able to get you back online with a new computer, or they will fix your old one. At the very least, your computer professional will be able to take you through basic troubleshooting steps.

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Laptops Face Outdoor Peril

Laptops face unique risks, different from traditional desktops. Laptops travel wherever you go, which means they face physical risks as well as digital ones. On top of trying to stay safe away from malware, you need to ensure you carry your laptop securely.

Yet, there are still times when you may drop it a little too hard and break your screen. Or, you may accidentally spill your americano on it at a coffee shop, destroying your system. Although they’re built to last, your laptop can only take so much before it stops working.

If that happens, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you purchased a laptop warranty. They can be a bit different from traditional computer warranties, but they’re still worth it. They cover more than just digital or hardware failure, and you can learn more about them here.

Computer Warranties Protect You

Everything is on your computer. It’s how you access your banking details, and how you connect with friends. It’s how you get work done, and it’s how you find opportunities to advance your career or your education.

Without your computer, you might as well be lost. The entire world is online now. If you choose not to get computer warranties for your devices, you risk disconnecting from it. 

Worst of all, without a computer warranty, you risk not being able to read our site. You’ll miss out on all the latest info on how to protect yourself online, right when you need it most. To learn how to stay safe so that you may never need to use your computer warranty, keep reading here!

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