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7 Measures to Protect Yourself from an Internet Scammer

According to the FBI’s Internet Crimes Report, US consumers lost nearly $5 billion to the Internet scammer with over 1.5 million people affected in 5 years. Before the crime occurred, many thought — what are the chances? It will never happen to me. But with internet scams this common, your chances are much greater than you think. […]

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5 Internet Security Systems You Should Take Advantage Of

The economic effect of a national cybersecurity breach costs around $47 billion. Governments are taking great care to protect their internet security systems from hackers and scam artists, and your business should do the same. While you won’t be spending billions of dollars trying to recover lost or stolen information, you could end up spending hundreds […]

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6 Online Safety Tips to Outsmart Hackers

Last year, hackers and other cybercriminals raked in an astounding $445 billion dollars. From DDoS attacks to phishing and selling passwords, it appears that, unfortunately, crime does pay. Though avoiding the internet is pretty much not possible, there’s no need to be a victim. Here are six online safety tips anyone can use to outsmart hackers and […]

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How the IoT Makes Your Site Vulnerable to a Web Hacker

Did you know that by 2020, we can expect every human on earth to have more than 4 devices connecting to the internet? That’s equivalent to more than 24 billion devices. It’s all thanks to the IoT or the “Internet of Things.” Simply put, the IoT refers to Internet V.2, where things create data. Under […]

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5 Mobile Security Apps that Protect You on the Go

The number of mobile ransomware attacks skyrocketed by more than 250% in 2017. However, the risk of having your data held for ransom is just the beginning. More than two-thirds of popular mobile apps are susceptible to cyber attacks. Hackers can use these apps to gain access to anything from your billing info to your […]