Managed Expectations: The Benefits of Using an IT Managed Service Provider

You might be wondering if it’s necessary to hire a managed service provider for your IT.

Managed IT services can handle all or part of your IT needs. These service providers can do everything from managing your network, updating software, providing security, and emailing solutions for your company.

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Franchises and Firewalls: Business Network Security Tips for Multiple Locations

As the cost of the average cybersecurity data breach reaches nearly $4 million, there’s not a company on the planet ready for that. When your company grows big enough to build a strong network that reaches across the planet, you also become more vulnerable without business network security. Without the proper security techniques … Read more

5 Common Hacking Techniques Your Company Needs to Protect Against

14 million American businesses are currently at risk of being taken advantage of by hackers.

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A Castle In the Cloud: 5 Tips for Securing Your Cloud Data

Data breaches can cost businesses and organizations an average of $3.86 million. This number quickly expands if a bigger business has a breach.

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